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Membership is free and open to anyone interested in helping to promote our Mission Statement. In joining the Network you will be laying the Foundations for a Participatory Society.

In line with our vision, the Network is self-managed. There is also a display of current members as well as some other projects for a participatory society.


We also have a Real Utopia Discord where members can communicate and organise together. If you have any questions about the Participatory Society Network then please contact us

Before joining however, please first read the following statements; We Have a Dream! and Is Real Utopia for You?

Join the Network

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Network Members 


Alexis Carta

Seattle, WA

United States of America

Gardener, Aerialist

David Cooper


United Kingdom

Self employed tradesmen.
Founder member of housing coop.
Participant in successful Collective building project.

Christy Dena

St Kilda East


Narrative Design Activist :)

Michael Ennis



Born in Montreal. Educated in Montreal and France. Have travelled extensively. Have worked with the New Democratic Party in Federal elections.

Gar W Lipow


United States of America

Long term author and activist. Have been published on Znet many times, occasionally in Z magazine. Currently able to spend only limited time on politics due to health problems




Very excited to participate in the creation a new world and also to bring down the current cancerous system.

David Baldwin


United States of America

Writer, editor, programmer/developer interested in working out what will replace capitalism and power hierarchy in human governance.

Nicholas Hefling


United States of America

My good longtime friend Peter, also of Olympia, told me about real utopia. I have been a long time labor activist/organizer and have recently been very much into thinking more from a universalist position to escape liberalism.

Bryan Smigielski


United States of America

I’m an aspiring writer working in the intersections of philosophy, science, politics, and ecospirituality.

Mark Mixon

No where

United States of America

I'm looking for a place void from; religion, drugs, obesity, porn, ect. A place where I can focus on sharpening my mind and strengthening my body. A peaceful place to continue my meditations, and studies.

Peter Gringinger



Educator, Trainer and Facilitator, Whole Systems, Transition & Regenerative Designer

Elizabeth Meade



I am a philosophy lecturer from Ireland committed to social justice.

Javier G. Madrigal Jr.

San Francisco

United States of America

guy. musician. parttime worker. flaneur.


Barnegat - NJ

United States of America

I am a semi-retired business executive, part-time playwright, and freelance writer with masters degrees in business and history. I live in New Jersey and I am active in the local Democratic Party organization in support of progressive policies.

Corrado Poli



Retired professor of urban geography

Allan Ainsworth

Park City

United States of America

Retired medical anthropologist and professor. Built a community health center for homeless people that is now 35 years old. Activist for social justice issues in my community.

Phillip Ablett



I am an activist, sociologist and social work scholar, at the Queensland University of Technology, who is deeply interested to embedding the theme of Real Utopias in the curricula for social work and human services students.



United States of America

Interested in Writing, Philosophy, Software Development, and creating spaces where people have freedom from domination, exploitation and abuse.

Julian Manley

Jedburgh, Scotland

United Kingdom

Involved in establishing a post-capitalist socio-economic network along the lines of community wealth building and the Preston Model. Interested in different modes of communication, such as social dreaming to accompany system change.

Mike Hembury




Lia Nogueira


United Kingdom

a Portuguese anarchist that5 has moved to Scotland 8 years ago, and has been looking for like minded people/groups to go back to political activism, unsuccessfully

Kenneth McLeod



Program curator, Anthropocene Transition Network - /

Samuel Jorge Moyses



Full Research Professor

Lonnie Ray Atkinson

North Carolina

United States of America

A writer who grew up in East Nashville (back when that shit still meant something). A nonbeliever still holding onto the promise of redemption.

Joseph glynn

Brooklyn, NY

United States of America

A college student interested in learning more about participatory society

Doug Hamilton


United States of America

Hi. My name is Doug. I am a lawyer and US military veteran living in Boulder Colorado.

Ian Pfingsten


United States of America

From Florida, US and trained in appreciation for all life and the environment that sustains it.



A Russian guy interested in Parecon

Matevž Hrženjak



Interested in socialist participatory economy.

Paul Burrows



Winnipeg, Canada.

Gordon Asher


United Kingdom

Gordon Asher is an educator/learner, researcher/writer, editor/proofreader, ‘activist’ and cultural worker based in Glasgow. He is an Independent Scholar and Developer, now primarily self-employed, who also works part time in Higher Education. He previously worked, for over a decade, as a Learning and Educational Developer, as well as having held various academic and academic-related employment roles across adult, community and higher education. Much of his work and engagements involve the linking of critical educational theories and practices within the university, with radical education across struggles, movements and society, with out the academy.

Fintan Bradshaw



I'm interested in advocating for a Participatory Economy and Participatory Society.

Emily Jones

San Francisco

United States of America

Fundraiser for progressive leaders in US electoral politics

Claude Lauzon



I have a particular interest in Participatory Economics. I’m presently trying raise awareness of this model through outreach with various communities. I’m taking a grassroots organizing approach using a video I produced and targeting influencers. My goal is to eventually initiate a political movement and get greater engagement from these influencers.

Adam G



I am interested in learning about participatory economics

Tom Mullinar



Social services. Teaching. Tour guide. Farming. Parenting. Disability services

Cooper Sperling

San Anselmo

United States of America

Cynthia Peters


United States of America

Cynthia is a longtime organizer, writer, and editor.

Mandisi Majavu


South Africa

Michael Albert


United States of America

I currently work on ZNet, Collective 20, RevolutionZ, and School for Social and Cultural Change

Mark Evans


United Kingdom

Healthcare worker, Trade Unionist, Z Media Institute Graduate (2007).

Marc Ngui



I’m an artist -designer working on radically optimistic speculative world building projects. I am based in Windsor, Ontario,Canada.

Luke Hannath



Lawyer working in the tech safety space

Dustin Mitcham


United States of America

Undergrad student working on a degree in economics and international relations. Specializing in green economics.

Pieter Kroon



Richard Linsenberg

Asheville NC

United States of America

Interested in sharing love and peace

Joel Rogers

Madison, WI

United States of America

Rick Galli


United States of America


Johnny Akzam


United States of America

I'm a socialist operations specialist and worker-owned cooperative founding member. My aim is to develop an alternative means of resource management to capitalism.

Nick Coccoma


United States of America

I’m a 38-year old man in Boston, originally from upstate New York. I am a freelance writer and chaplain. I am also an activist in the global and American movement for democracy-by-lottery, i.e., sortition. Looking to network.

Andy Lucker


United States of America

I’m a nurse.

Miles Rafael Bairley-Ujueta

San Francisco

United States of America

Writer, poet, urban anthropologist.


San Francisco

United States of America

Dante is a trainer-practitioner with the Center for Story-based Strategy, and launching Community Gearbox, a start up aimed at disrupting individual consumption. He lives between Seattle and San Francisco.

Mikko Karjalainen



Coming soon...

Aer !


United Kingdom

Anational participist interested in the ways in which we can move beyond current society and build a brighter and better future.

Eva Putzova


United States of America

2014-2018 Flagstaff City Councilmember, 2020 congressional candidate, and a leader who can't be bought fighting for a just, generous, healthy, border-less and inclusive world.

Jo Mal






United States of America

Old coop-erator.

John O'Brien



I'm an independent consultant specialising in culture policy and strategy. A lot of my work is facilitating discussion between local stakeholders about how they can make their place a better more creative place. Community wealth building is key

Asha Patel

Worcester, MA

United States of America




United States of America

my bio is on the site, and hey, generating clicks is the only way to fight farcebook!

Josie Jarvis


United States of America

Occupational Therapist/Scientist in US looking at building functional alternatives to human institutionalization and community based lifespan social care with participatory economic principles in the US

Matthew Drake-Brockman

New York

United States of America

Interested in anarchist ideas.


Charlotte, NC

United States of America

High School Science Teacher

Matthew Allen




Marcia Z Bookstein

La Jolla

United States of America

cellist with the San Diego Symphony since 1977, before that principal cellist with the Jerusalem Symphony (Kol Yisrael). Mother of two children, dog owner, politically active since 2006.

Travis Froberg


United States of America

I live near Detroit, Michigan USA. I heard about this organization on RevolutionZ. I believe parecon is a great, concrete alternative to capitalism. I am very interested to hear what strategies others are using to bring the vision into reality.

Anthony Abrahams


United Kingdom

Member of IOPS

Mattia Valanzano

La Spezia


Zhongjin Li

Kansas City

United States of America

I'm a political economist interested in a participatory society.

Urška Breznik



Active in a municipalist assemblist movement struggling for direct democracy. Active in a collective that organizes workers using co-research method in the field of retail and care. Employed at NGO that works in educating through critical literacy.

Paula de Angelis



I am a historian and and a liberationist, with a lifelong interest in co-operative community principles and learning from self-organised social movements.

tom charles osher



Hola, I am a long time radical anarchist activist, founder of a mostly latino, artist, eco-community in Vilcabamba, Ecuador since 2012 ( We have some strategies in progress.

Gary Quayle


United Kingdom

middle aged British bloke that works in mental health

Charlotte Walters


United States of America

Participatory Economics with Michael Albert

Nicolai Pulley

Dunn, NC

United States of America

I'm Nicolai, a participist that enjoys rambling about things. I take interest mainly in the economic side of things, and am always open to hear other points of view.

Gregory Wilpert

Alexandria, VA

United States of America

Gregory Wilpert is a German-American sociologist and journalist who has covered Venezuela extensively for a wide variety of publications. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology (Brandeis University, 1994) and is author of the book, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The History and Policies of the Chávez Government (Verso Books, 2007). He is co-founder of the website, was director of the teleSUR English website, and host and managing editor for The Real News Network. Currently he works as deputy editor at the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Andrej Grubačić


United States of America

Andrej Grubačić is the Founding Chair of the Anthropology and Social
Change department at CIIS-San Francisco, an academic program with an exclusive focus on anarchist anthropology. He is the editor of the Journal of World-Systems Research and is an affiliated faculty member at the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, UC Berkeley. He is the author of several books, including Living at the Edges of Capitalism: Adventures in Exile and Mutual Aid (coauthored with Denis O’Hearn), Don’t Mourn, Balkanize: Essays After Yugoslavia, and Wobblies and Zapatistas (with Staughton Lynd). He is the editor of the PM Press Kairos imprint.

Stephen R Shalom


United States of America

Stephen R. Shalom is professor emeritus of political science at William Paterson University in NJ, USA. Among his books are Which Side Are You On? An Introduction to Politics (2003) and an edited collection Socialist Visions (1983). He has proposed a model for a participatory political system (parpolity), elaborated in various articles, including in an essay in Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century, ed. Chris Spannos (2008).

Bridget Meehan



I'm co-founder of the Northern Mutual, the campaign for a mutual bank in the north of Ireland, a member of Collaboration for Change and a writer with Collective 20

Sean Michael Wilson



An award-winning writer from Scotland.

Eugene Nulman

Rapolano Terme


Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Hugh Barnard


United States of America

Philosophy mainly political and logic, open source, anarchism (Bookchinism!),ecology, music, and miscellaneous mischief. I'm still on X (ugh!) as @hughbarnard for the moment.


Doris Atkinson


United States of America

TCD PCO and ex 2nd vice chair

Jim Loveland

St. Petersburg

United States of America


Michael Albert


United Kingdom

I am a Lecturer in Global Environmental Politics at the University of Edinburgh. My research explores the global politics of climate, energy, and food system transformations.

Daniel Mathews



I've been involved in various activities over the years, including IOPS (International Organisation for a Participatory Society).

David Johnston


United States of America

Born and raised in Maui, David is a festival, retreat, and event director and curator bringing you the experiences you enjoy. Currently, I am working on starting a vegan platform cooperative, and I'm looking for co-founders.

Ken Burch


United States of America

62 year-old human, grandparent(soon to be great-grandparent) poet, sometimes songwriter, retired ferry boat crewmember, 2019 graduate of The Evergreen State College, seeking the world we need.

Miguel Serrano


United States of America

Former Director for Wellness & Programs at the Capital District YMCA. Currently active as a U-CAN Mentor in collaboration with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

Tom Smith



From Ireland originally, I am a geographer and member of the Community Economies Research Network. My current research interests relate to postcapitalist geography and economic localisation, amongst others.

Julián Rodríguez

Buenos Aires


I'm 27 years old and a student of Political Science at Universidad de General Sarmiento here in Argentina. I'm also an aspiring journalist. I came to know about RealUtopia when I interviewed Professor Peter Bohmer, who encouraged me to join.

Marcia Bookstein


United States of America

professional tutti cellist

Ferdia O'Brien



Ferdia H. O'Brien is a futurist and host of After The Oligarchy ( He is writing a book (with Anders Sandström) revising and expanding a detailed model of a Participatory Economy.

Ira Allen

Flagstaff, AZ

United States of America

Rhetorical and political theorist; pragmatic utopian; catastrophic originalist

Rahat Ulain



Retired Government Servant, and currently Founding Director and Professor of Practice of the School of Governance and Society, University of Management and Society, Lahore, Pakistan.

David West


United States of America

60s activist- anti-war, community organizing, tenant rights, etc. Union steward, affordable housing city "official". Retired.

Luke Martell

United Kingdom

UK academic

William Potgieter


South Africa

I draw construction drawings for bridges, reservoirs and other larger infrastructure projects.

Harry Kershner


United States of America




United Kingdom

I am interested in working around participatory economics.

Alex Kilcran


United Kingdom

I've been in recovery from liberalism since 2007, and a proponent of participatory ideas since around 2010.

Ty Saxon


United States of America

I live in Seattle and teach economics in Bellevue, WA.

Luke Alden



Teacher, activist, the blues

Joe Barnwell

Crescent City

United States of America

Think of me as a red-green Judi Barian revolutionary ecologist. I apply life's pattern of organization to the creation of community and revolutioinary movements

Maximilian Niedermayr



I‘m 26 years old and live in Traun (close to Linz), Austria. I study social economics and sociology at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. For 10 years I’m practicing left political activism. I‘m a member of the social democrats party in Austria.

Alejandro Del Bufalo




Deck Hazen


New Zealand

Hi folks,
I learned about you from Michael Albert - I'm currently in his class "No Bosses ..."
I'm 70 years old and I've been a socialist since my early years at the University of California, Santa Cruz where I read a bit of Marx and Hegel. I joined the Social Workers Party and drove to the east coast one summer to attend the conference. Since those years I've worked in the computer industry and when I moved to New Zealand I worked with a number of progressive groups and made a few video (some of which may still be on line).
A recent stroke has cut in to my ability to work, but I'd still like to keep learning.

William Campagna


United States of America

Longtime civil rights activist. Disability rights OG, Draft Counselor, founder/Chief Negotiator AFSCME 2620, Disability Chair Jackson '88, Project Interdependence Youth leadership Director, NCIPA member, CA ADA Implementation Leader, etc.

Richard Schuitema


United Kingdom

Web developer. Always on the look-out for the chance to be part of an organized mass movement with the spirit of Occupy, but with functional, mass decision-making processes and a clear vision

Antonio F.


United States of America

Interested in Migration Studies, Latin America

Mitchell Szczepanczyk


United States of America

Mitchell Szczepanczyk is a software engineer and longtime political activist. He has contributed to two books on participatory economy.

Richard Hull


United Kingdom

I have a life-long interest and involvement in co-operatives. I am currently Programme Director for the Masters Programme in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London

Elizabeth Marxsen


United States of America

None yet

Alexandria Shaner



Sailor, writer, & organizer from Sint Maarten and the USA - currently living aboard a sailboat based in Carriacou.
Environmental and animal rights activist, Parecon enthusiast.

Savvina Azim Chowdhury


United States of America

Ron Unger


United States of America

David Somekh


United Kingdom

I and others set up the European Health Futures Forum ( in 2013. It is now a Charity registered in Ireland. We promote a holistic transformation of health and healthcare in which participatory engagement is a key element

Peter Bohmer

Olympia, WA

United States of America

Activist for racial, economic and global justice since the 1960’s. Advocate for participatory socialism. I teach economics and political economy at The Evergreen Stare College, member of Economics for Everyone.

David Rovics


United States of America

Singer/songwriter, writer, podcaster, member of Portland Emergency Eviction Response

Matic Primc



I currently work in promoting participatory processes in local self-governance, focusing on participatory budgeting. I also work as a consultant for cooperatives in the area of improving in group organization.

Paulo Rodriguez



Born and raised in Panama, moved to Belgium after Operation Just Cause.

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